Redpines Refines the delaPlex Story to Differentiate the Brand and Capture Customers’ Attention

delaPlex, an Atlanta-based software-development services company, has a business model that is unlike any other in its industry. Because its business doesn’t fit clearly into an existing category, and because certain aspects of the business are considered by some to be controversial, delaPlex had to work extra hard to get the attention of potential customers. Even so, it had enjoyed success. After all, once prospects heard what delaPlex had to say, they realized that the delaPlex model made good business sense, and often those prospects turned into customers. delaPlex knew that if it could tell its story more clearly, it could strengthen its brand, simplify its sales process, potentially shorten its sales cycle, and better position itself for its next phase of growth.

On the recommendation of one of its business partners, delaPlex turned to Redpines for help doing just that.

Led by an experienced marketing communications strategist, the Redpines team started with a backgrounder that would give interested parties (prospects, existing customers, media, etc.) an overview of the company. It would also help define the messaging that would appear later in other documents. In a sense, the backgrounder served as a master document for everything the agency did, so getting it right was critical. The process of creating the backgrounder was important because it would ensure that Redpines had a firm grasp of delaPlex’s business and the unique value it could bring to its customers. A Redpines writer experienced in strategic messaging carefully studied delaPlex’s existing materials and planning documents, and then conducted comprehensive interviews with top delaPlex executives to get their critical perspective. Armed with that information, the writer crafted a document that captured the subtle but important differences between delaPlex and other similar companies that could be perceived as competitors. The writer and team leader also worked together to develop a tagline that would convey the essence of the delaPlex brand in just a few words.

Once delaPlex approved the company backgrounder, Redpines went to work on the website. With the backgrounder as the foundation, the agency developed the site map, wrote the copy for each page, and created attention-grabbing headlines and subheads. From there the team leader – who is also experienced in Web strategy and site delaplexsampledevelopment – worked with a designer to create a clean, professional design, all the while serving as an interface between delaPlex and the designer to guide them through the process of reviews and approval. At that point, Redpines would ordinarily manage the programming of the html pages, but this case was different. Because delaPlex is a software company, it has its own developers, so upon delivery of the sliced Photoshop files, Redpines coordinated with developers to get template pages programmed and a test site set up. Redpines then added content to the site following the site map, and turned the site over to the developers for launch. Because of that collaboration, delaPlex developers understood how the site was designed, knew how to do the updating, and were ready to take it over.

The website design served as the template for the sales presentation that delaPlex uses during meetings with prospective clients. Redpines again used the backgrounder as a starting point for updating the content in delaPlex’s existing presentation, and then placed that content into a PowerPoint template designed to complement the website. The key to creating an effective, compelling presentation for delaPlex was to ensure that the facts unfolded like a story, building delaPlex’s strengths and capabilities in a logical sequence to achieve the full effect.

Lastly, Redpines used its vast expertise in social marketing to create a comprehensive social media guide, a document that armed delaPlex’s in-house social media moderator with everything needed to set up and maintain a social presence online. The guide included step-by-step instructions on where to go, how to find things, how to set up a profile, and how to make updates – all customized for each site’s specific process. The guide also included preliminary copy, as well as images and graphics optimized for each site’s criteria for file size and resolution. Finally, in order to help delaPlex increase its number of online followers, Redpines suggested a list of online groups for delaPlex to join based on its business focus.

In the end, Redpines provided delaPlex with strategy, writing, and design that clarified and captured the nuances of its messages, boosted its brand identity, differentiated it from would-be competitors, and helped create a professional, consistent look and feel across its website and sales materials.

From the Customer
“We took the advice of our business consultant and engaged Redpines, and we’re so pleased with the results. Redpines helped us define our message in words that resonate with our customers, so we’re better able to highlight the positive and overcome potential negativity before it ever arises. And now our website tells our real story in words that have punch and strength, and are compelling enough to make people stop and read. It’s easier now for our potential clients to see how different we are from others and realize the value we can bring to their business.”

Chris Kilkelly
VP Sales & Business Development


Atlanta-based delaPlex is the first company to offer software development as a service, delivering a highly skilled, dedicated team of custom software developers for the price of one. The developers are delaPlex employees located in Nagpur, India, the former home of delaPlex’s own CEO. delaPlex processes are designed to integrate software development into a company without the burden of management overhead, allowing small-to-mid-sized businesses to compete with larger companies.