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About Redpines, A Strategic Marketing and Content Creation Consultancy

Redpines helps technology companies tell their stories in clear, concise, and powerful terms on line, in print, and wherever else their stakeholders may be. Although we’re at home in many different industries, what really inspires us is having the opportunity to take the facts about a technology product and turn them into engaging content—content that transforms skeptics into brand advocates and customers.

The content we create at Redpines takes many forms and addresses many audiences, from prospective customers to the journalists who write about technologies for trade magazines and blogs. Our clients vary widely in size, and the specifics of each client engagement are as unique as the clients themselves. Typically they involve some combination of website content creation, media outreach, social media engagement, search engine marketing, and E-mail marketing campaigns.

In short, we see our job as leveraging words and pictures to tell a story in a way that boosts your sales and the value of your company’s brand.If you’re ready to share your story, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Susan Warren to learn how we can shine the spotlight on your brand.


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