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Budget-Wise Project Management

When you work with Redpines, you get a team of strategic and tactical experts who understand both technology and marketing. We can craft and design communication tools to reach your market with pinpoint accuracy – for about the same price you’d pay for a full-time marcom staff member.

Click on any of the images below to see a project example.


ieee-collateral pico-collateral
pp-collateral revo-collateral

Web Design

19879 Samples 051316-04 19879 Samples 051316-03
19879 Samples 051316-02 19879 Samples 051316-01

 Email Communications

lyntec-email-sample multi-buzz-email-sample
pico-email-sample post-email-sample

Trade Show Graphics

osprey-trade-show-view pico-poster
postperspective-poster  revo-poster


dell-ad-sample osprey-ad-sample
pp-ad-sample revolabs-ad-sample