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Marketing Automation

Qualifying Leads and Snagging Prospects with Marketing Automation

How often have you gone to all the trouble and expense of exhibiting at a trade show only to find out when it’s over that you really don’t have time to do anything with the contact information of the people who visited your booth? How often have you wished that there was a way to automate the process of qualifying leads—of separating the lookie-loos from the serious prospects?

Marketing automation offers a highly effective remedy for these pain points and others like them.

Redpines partners with an external vendor  to orchestrate marketing automation campaigns that offer prospects the opportunity to get to know your company by downloading useful content (which we can help you create) such as white papers or e-books. By automating this process of self-qualification, we help you focus on following up on the most promising leads. The same system can be used in conjunction with PPC advertising (which Redpines can run for you) to prompt interested parties to action rather than simply bringing them to your website. It can also be used to engage with prospects who come to your website on their own, providing the opportunity to download “premium content.” Companies of all shapes and sizes are using marketing automation to grow their businesses. Why not yours? To learn more, ask Bob Decker