Getting started on social media
Getting started on social media is easier than you think

You already know that social media is really important for brand building. But if your company’s not already up on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, how do you get started?

Here’s some good news: it’s not as hard as you think.

In fact, there are several simple things you can do to put a social media program in place that delivers maximum results for minimal time and effort. Here’s our top five:

1. Don’t go it alone.

  • Whatever the size of your company, be sure more than one person is authorized as an administrator on each of your social media channels.
  • One or two other people should have the login information for your Twitter account and be designated as an Admin on your company’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

2. Involve everyone on your team.

  • Ask everyone in your company to “like” your Facebook and LinkedIn pages and encourage them to share company news with their friends.
  • If you have an IT department that blocks access to social media channels on your company’s computers, consider changing that policy (or risk losing an opportunity to turn employees into vocal brand advocates).

3. Make an editorial calendar

  • First set a goal for how often you want to post to your social media channels: once a week is good for starters.
  • Then create a document where Column A is dates and Column B is what your posts are going to be about on that date. Try to plan ahead for six or seven weeks
  • Be sure the editorial calendar gets looked at regularly by putting it on the agenda for a recurring meeting.

4. Grab the low-hanging fruit

Having trouble thinking of social media posts? Here are some easy ones:

  • Trade shows where you’re exhibiting-a great photo opportunity
  • Anything you’ve changed, improved, or added to in your products or services
  • Anything you’ve added to your website
  • New people at your company
  • Press coverage about your company-and be sure to “tag” the publication writing about you. They’ll really appreciate it.
  • Company events like an annual picnic or holiday party-another great photo opportunity
  • Wishing your customers a safe and happy bank holiday

5. Find out who in your company likes to take pictures or videos and incentivize them to participate in your social media outreach

  • Posts with a photo or video consistently get more engagement than just words.
  • Reward employees who contribute photos by giving them a photo credit in the photo caption and maybe a small reward – like $5 – for each picture you use.
  •  You set the guardrails for what kind of pictures are acceptable or not. Be open to employees sharing pictures of their workspaces, interesting sights from business trips, and anything else that makes your company look like a cool, fun place to work.

Redpines can help you feed the social media beast with engaging content week after week, or set up your social channels and then step back, or anything in between. We invite you to take the first step by giving Susan Warren a call at (516) 982-3383.

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