The rules of social media shift constantly. Keeping on top of what’s new is something we really enjoy at Redpines.

1. When it comes to videos, shorter is better. Completion rates drop off sharply for videos over 60 seconds. Facebook lets you track completion rates for any videos you post.

2. There are 500,000,000 daily Instagram users and they consistently have a greater engagement level than Facebook. In fact, there are more reasons to be on Instagram than to not be on Instagram.

3. If you’re delegating social media tasks within your organization or to an agency, be sure to have a decision tree in place that sets rules for how events from customer questions to outright attacks will be handled.

4. If you’re going to have a contest, be sure the prize is something interesting and unusual. Otherwise you’ll just end up attracting “contest trolls.”

5. Effective social media is all about authenticity. Letting your customers do the talking is one of the best ways to be authentic.

6. Have a Facebook pixel embedded into your website code? If not you’re missing a major opportunity to engage with the people you care about the most.

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