Standing 15 stories high and featuring 36 fully enclosed gondolas and a spectacular LED lighting system, the Wonderfair Wheel relies on braking resistors for smooth deceleration — preventing abrupt starting and stopping of the ride. Prior to its appearance at the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair in August, it was determined that the Ferris wheel’s existing resistors were failing and required immediate replacement. To get the Wonderfair Wheel rolling before the fair’s start, the ride’s owner turned to Vishay Milwaukee, ordering ten 1500 W RBSF wirewound braking resistors — two for each of the ride’s four drives and another two for spares in the event of a failure.

For manufacturers of electronic components, it’s not always easy to get customer success stories. But sometimes a component solution and the customer service that comes with it are so unique that an end user is happy (and even proud) to talk about it publicly. A spectacular recent example: the use of Vishay Milwaukee wirewound braking resistors in the Wonderfair Wheel, North America’s largest traveling Ferris wheel. Obviously you need some very special resistors to control the movement of a 15-story-high Ferris wheel, and equally impressive to the customer was Vishay’s ability to deliver them on the spot to the Wisconsin State Fair. You can read the complete story in this press release.

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