Why are “articles-as-numbered-lists” so effective at grabbing your attention? According to best-selling author (and psychology Ph.D.) Maria Konnikova, a headline like “9 Points to Guide Your Investments in 2018” or “5 Things To Help You Host a Super Bowl Party” helps readers make sense out of the information being presented by organizing and quantifying it upfront. A numbered list calls out to you on the deepest level, Konnikova writes, because it “promises a definite ending: we think we know what we’re in for, and the certainty is both alluring and reassuring. The more we know about something-including precisely how much time it will consume-the greater the chance we will commit to it.”

If the concept works for investments and Super Bowl parties, why shouldn’t it make more captivating resistors or remote controls or anything else your customers need to know about? This Vishay piece shows that it can and does.