Recently we used some of our simple search engine techniques to help a new client understand why it wasn’t coming up very high in search results compared to its competitors. As part of this process we asked them for a list of five words or phrases that they’d really like to “own.” On top of the list: the single word that best describes the client’s product. Let’s pretend this was “toasters.” A search of their own website, which has been around for more than 20 years, brought up about 800 instances of the word “toaster.” How about their competitors? The difference was striking. One competitor that’s something of a newcomer, and comes up right at the top of the search engine results, had more than 20,000 instances of “toaster” on its website. A second, more established competitor had more than 30,000 instances, and also came up very high in results. So what was our client doing wrong-and causing it to turn up on page 9 of the search results? We’ll give you a hint: the problem wasn’t that they only had 800 instances of the word “toaster” on their website, but that’s all the instances the search engine was “seeing.”

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