Download 7 HacksA lot of companies would like to talk about themselves in videos, but they hesitate at the thought of what it would cost to hire someone to shoot the video and then make it look presentable.

Does that sound familiar?

The fact is, you really don’t need an expert to add video to your content marketing mix. All you really need is an interesting story, a smartphone, and (possibly) some of the applications that are already on your notebook computer.

There is a long history of elaborately produced B2B corporate videos. Back in the day of longer attention spans, they helped companies like Intel Corporation become household names. They helped smaller companies feel like “players.” They tried to emulate the commercials that people were watching on network TV. They cost a small fortune.

That was before smartphones came along and anyone could be a decent videographer.

Today it’s less important to focus on being slick than to focus on being authentic, helpful, and relevant to the problems your customer is trying to solve. That said, you still want your message to be clear, audible, and effective. Click here for 7 free hacks that can help you get there without needing to go to film making school, hire an expert or to spend a lot of money.